Sunday, August 16, 2009

Thank You

Thank you for offering this course for all of us to learn about the new and ever changing technology that is a part of Web 2.0. I have learned a lot and some of it I will continue to use and some I won't, but I have now been exposed to all 23 Things.

Thing 19 - Google Docs

Google Docs are great for sharing with others or to have them be updated by others such as for a monthly report. The Google.docsblogspot has great and creative ideas for using the various aspects for the site. The woman who was a Philly Eagles fan could chart how many days till the next Philly game, of course, that wouldn't fly in North Texas.

I found that the programs are very similar to Microsoft Word, Excel, etc. The spreadsheet format had a button that said something to the effect of "something new" or "what's new" or something similar that the regular Microsoft products don't have.

This will be a fun application to continue playing with in the future.

Thing 23 - Reflection

What was your favorite or least favorite Thing?

I have really enjoyed learning about Blogs, Image Generators, Tagging Delicious, Dig, Library Thing, LibWorm and those things will be useful to me either technology wise or professionally. Some of the information can be shared with others.

What was challenging for you?

Most of the course was challenging and took me out of my comfort zone.

What did you learn?

Some of the things in this course I had heard of, some I had used, some were foreign to me. I learned about many different things and have a better understanding of what some of these "words" now mean. I also know how to use them now.

What new technologies will you use in your library?

Blogs, Flickr, Image Generators, Delicious. My school district has a Wiki and they use Google Docs. You Tube has some clever things on it, some of which is appropriate for students and some absolutely isn't. Some of the things on You Tube are wonderful time wasters.

Write a paragraph or more, reflecting upon your experiences.

I have enjoyed learning about the different aspects of Web 2.0 and what each thing can do. Some of this stuff like Instant Messaging and Twitter, I can see taking up an enormous amount of someone's time and personally it seems like a waste of my time. That is probably because of my age and maybe if I was 30 years younger I'm sure I would have a different opinion of some of this stuff. Ning was so detailed that I did not find it worth the trouble to go back and continue to explore it again. Digg was fun as you can find various news stories and stories that don't necessarily appear on or or any other major news story. You Tube is a fun way to kill a lot of time. Tagging is simply a method of organizing your "sites" or "book marked" items by "subjects". Facebook I'm leary of and did not choose to do that portion of the course.

I learned a lot, but I also discovered some things that I would not have otherwise. Some things I'll use and some I won't. I'm glad to have had this experience and if a course like this is offered again in the future I probably would "enroll" in it again. Part of my problem is I have just finished my MLS and I was tired of studying - anything.

Thing 22 - Developing your own 23 Things

I have been exposed to some things I had heard of and some things I have never heard of. Some of these "Things" I could teach or show my faculty how to use. I have enjoyed the Blog as it is an easy way to post comments or messages to people. This course will allow me to work more closely with my technology coordinator to push for more implementation of some of these Things.

Thing 18 - Wikis

I added a page to the Wiki page. I tried to add sub-pages and I didn't succeed. I added one sub page (maybe) that is listed under my name and shows up on the list. I can't delete it, so it is probably wrong. Others have done this and their pages don't show up on the list of new pages added. I'm don't know what I did wrong.

Thing 17 - Library Worm

Library Worm is a great site for librarians to use and to refer to for information about various topics. I tried searching by Categories and chose School Librarians. The Subjects category I chose Children as School Librarians didn't exist. Tags produces a hodge podge of words and it looked like a collage of words some were big, bold, small, regular type, etc. It was more of a piece of artwork than anything else. I looked at Childrens Book Awards and clicked on William Allen White, which is the Kansas equivalent of the Texas Bluebonnet Award and it produced a list of approximately 30 titles with colored covers but no explanation of what the William Allen White Award was. I will go back and explore this site more in the future.

Thing 16 - Library Thing

This is an interesting site. If you had a large home/personal library you could catalog your own library easily without consulting SEARS or LC Subject Headings. I have know an individual, now a retired librarian, who cataloged all the books in her personal library.

I found this site to be difficult to find information on. It was also very difficult to find where to search for a topic or word that you wanted to find. It is a great site but it does have some hitches in it.